"Dr. Wick helped me yet again, and I wholeheartedly believe in her practice. My 9 year old daughter has had night fears for the last 6 years, the same fears that I have experienced since I was very little. After clearing us each individually, we both felt lighter right away. When Dr. Wick suggested that she clear our house, I trustingly agreed. The prayers and clearing that Dr. Wick did for our family and for our home were so unbelievably powerful. It is otherworldly, and we are humbled, and in complete awe. She spent hours on prayers for us from her home, and cleared dark energy from our house - we felt lighter that very day! Once at our house, she walked through it with me and cleared every single nook and cranny of our house, land, crawl space, garage, camper, car, everything! It was amazing. My daughter went from waking up multiple times every single night for years, to sleeping through the night every single night since our clearing over a month ago!! A clearing of this power lasts forever, or until we move to another home. This process was pivotal to our family’s feeling of safety and well being, and a gigantic positive leap in our spirituality."

what the people are saying

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house clearing:

- molly

so thankful

“Dr. Andrea is awesome. I've been to a few chiropractors but her energy and knowledge is unique and hard to find. So thankful to have found her.”

no more injuries

"Multiple problems and injuries all have come to an end with the Help of Dr. Andrea. And yes I had tried a “normal” doctor multiple times. They helped but weren’t able to make the issues go away. Dr. Andrea did!"


Dr Wick is incredible! She helped me have two speedy labors and maintains my health day to day

- justin

- r.v.

- j.d.

"I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you, and shout out to you and the abundance workshop you held in January. My finances are 100% awesome right now. Like amazing! I still give gratitude to the Universe daily, and stay in flow for happiness, but wanted to let you know that it WORKED!!! So, thank you. My life gets better every day. My finances flow better every day."

abundance course:

- i.w.

"When I first moved to Big Sky I asked around and searched for the best chiropractor in town. Dr. Wick is that chiropractor. I started going to a chiropractor a few years ago for headaches. Thanks to Dr. Wick I never have headaches anymore, and I am also healthier all around because Dr. Wick has given me diet suggestions, nutritional supplements (especially in the winter to fight off colds), and does it all with such a positive attitude and outlook on the human body. She has gone above and beyond any other chiropractor I have had. Great neck and back adjustments and I just feel healthier after seeing her.

"healthier after seeing her"

- anna

Dr. Wick is as good as it gets! I feel so grateful that this wonderful doctor has opened up a practice in Big Sky. Dr. Wick is extremely caring and intuitive. She has helped me work through numerous issues, all while educating me in Applied Kinesiology. Prior to seeing Dr. Wick, I wasn't linking things that I was feeling emotionally with physical ailments. Every time I see her, I leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. With other chiropractors, I often would feel more sore after a visit than before. I have never had this issue with Dr. Wick. She is a true healer, with a strong focus on holistic health, something that can be extremely hard to find in our modern day society with its emphasis on pharmaceuticals. I was referred to Dr. Wick by several friends as I deal with regular headaches. I'm happy to say since being treated by Dr. Wick, I have been headache free. I will be forever grateful that I found her! 

"as good as it gets"

- c.s.

"Dr Wick is amazing. The most holistic care I’ve ever received. I go to her whenever anything feels off - from my back and neck to sinuses to my general emotional state. Not only do I leave feeling better but I have learned more about myself in the 3 years I’ve seen her than the 30+ years prior. Go see her! You won’t regret it."

"The most holistic care I’ve ever received"

- l.k.

“The Boundaries class put so many things into perspective for me and I know I'm going to look back on it as a game-changer in my life. I had no idea my energy and thoughts mattered so much - both to myself and others. The spiritual templates, methods, frameworks and insights helped me get the firm grasp I needed on some repeat issues I had been having in my life - issues that have also been holding me back! I am forever grateful for Dr. Wick’s work - it's giving me the tools I need to live in my highest good and is it such a blessing in the ripple effect it is having on our world. Thank you!”

boundaries course:

- laura

I never used to worry about money, in part, because my parents taught me how to manage money and because I never grew up in need. Lately my husband and I have been trying to have kids and I am suddenly worried about money. The irony of this is that money is your second chakra and your second chakra is sex! Without Dr. Wick's class on abundance, I would not have had this breakthrough that helped me let go of my concerns about money and children. She also taught me to be thankful for everything I am given, every day. Although I did not stick with writing down something I am thankful for every day, I did make thankful/abundance lists throughout the year. And I am thankful for Dr. Wick's class! 

abundance course:

- anna